What is a Blog?

by Kathy

what is a blog

The beginning of the weblog (blog) was like an online journal. A person could type out their thoughts and share it with the world. People also had the ability to comment or ask questions back. The clear distinction between a weblog (blog) and a regular website was that blogs were created for interaction.

Most of the early blogs were on free services, like Blogger.com, and the content was casual and personal. Most of the professional websites, at the time, were “static”– simply presented the information in a fairly formal manner and that was that. In 2003 there was a clear distinction between the informal, interactive “blog” and a professional, static website.

Somewhere along the line, businesses began to catch on to early social media, like MySpace, and found that interacting with customers was very beneficial to their business. It was also about this time that those casual, personal bloggers realized that they could turn their blog into a career of sorts.

Today’s blogs have improved greatly in function. Their style and content can vary widely. The one thing that has remained the same, from it’s humble days as a simple weblog, is that it is created for communication between the writer and readers. The writer has the ability to quickly and easily type out a message and share it with the world. Readers can then comment and ask questions.


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